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Jacob Christiansen is an award-winning filmmaker from Kittery Point, Maine. He found initial success with his student films “Vacationland" and “The Way Life Should Be". The inspiration behind these films stemmed from the love of his home-state, and their titles copy Maine’s state slogans. In 2018, he co-founded Seapoint Studios, where he still acts as Creative Director today. The goal of Seapoint is to expand and diversify indie filmmaking across the northeastern seacoast. Through this, Jacob went on to produce and edit the award-winning short films, “The Squirrels in the Attic” and “In the Company of Crows”. These two films are still premiering across the globe. . . .

. . . Digital art has always been a medium I’ve loved to craft stories within. I was drawn particularly to video at a very young age, creating small sketches with my cat and LEGOs. As I grew up, I went through the “YouTuber” phase and eventually became an amateur filmmaker. This process was fundamental for me, as I could be as creative as possible with no limits, pushing me to learn editing and camera skills at a rapid pace. As I transitioned into more professional spaces, I began applying what I had learned into a new cinematic context.

In college, I’ve not been specifically studying the arts. Instead, I choose to major in Computer Science. While I’ve taken many art classes, I hope my technical focus in school will help propel me into the world of film editing, and benefit my career. I’m very excited for what the future holds, and my current goal is to edit a feature film.

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